The battle for economy: the new Peterbilt 579 is presented.

Battle for economy: new Peterbilt 579 presented.

The American Peterbilt is known as the “style icon” of private truckers. Nevertheless, keeping up with the times, he is actively playing in the corporate market. It is for him that the newly presented updated flagship model with the index 579 is designed.

The development was carried out, as is customary, in secrecy, it took about five years, and during this time prototypes have wound one and a half million miles, and for their finalization, the company consulted with fifty of the most important clients. As a result, the main achievement of the developers of the new model is a seven percent reduction in fuel consumption relative to its predecessor..

The previous Peterbilt 579 appeared in the program in 2012.

The power unit is the same as that of brothers in the Paccar concern: the eleven-liter MX-11 or the older MX-13 with a capacity of up to 510 hp. and a 12-speed Eaton Fuller “robot”. The main external changes are in the new shape of the hood, mirrors, fairings and side shields. The A-pillars have special overlays that redistribute the wind flow.

And the hood is made of newfangled metton (the bumper of the new KAMAZ is also made of it), it is more durable and lightweight. All this also helped to reduce the noise level in the cabin by 10%..

There are also changes in the interior, which was already at the flagship level. The main highlight is the fifteen-inch customizable display. The driver can form the necessary readings on it himself, choosing from thirty available. In the minimized state, only the speedometer and tachometer remain on the display so as not to distract the driver.

It also displays the starting check of thirteen systems and the necessary data about the last trip.

Of course, the new product has a camera and radar hidden behind a three-section bumper, and all modern

electronic systems: adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistant, and emergency stop assistant. Taking into account local traditions, the novelty is available with various configurations of a sleeping bag – from day cabins to “top-end” UltraLoft.

Interior of the flagship with the largest UltraLoft sleeping bag.

In the American market, orders for the new product are already being accepted. Whether the flagship Peterbilt will appear somewhere other than North America is still unknown. However, we will definitely not see it on the Russian market – for us, this American tractor, like others, has only cognitive interest..

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